Carjacking Charges


Carjacking involves stealing a separate vehicle from its legal owner against the owner’s will. This taking of the vehicle is with the express intent to either permanently or temporarily keep the owner of the vehicle from their motor vehicle by way of force or fear.

The crime of Carjacking is defined as:

  1. The use of force, violence, or threat;
  2. To takes a motor vehicle from another person;
  3. With the intent to deprive the person or owner of the motor vehicle.

Motor vehicle theft–in its various forms–is a fairly common crime. There are different ways of thieving a vehicle including seizing an opportunity (the owner accidentally left the keys in the ignition while they ran inside to grab something they forgot). Other ways involve more nefarious acts by the thief including B and E (breaking and entering) or carjacking.

Carjacking is an extremely serious charge that requires your criminal defense attorney to be extremely familiar with prosecutorial techniques, the law of South Carolina, and the deep desire to protect your future and your freedom. We will ensure that you have an extremely well-planned defense to help you to the most favorable outcome. Let us fight to protect your future and your interests.

Getting Arrested Does Not Mean You Are Guilty

Just because you were arrested or are under investigation for a crime doesn’t mean you’re guilty or that you don’t have any rights. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will go to battle for you against your charges. Please call or contact us today for a free, no cost evaluation of your case.

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